During Cristiano Ronaldo’s Hair Transplant Clinic Inauguration Ceremony, Raul Meireles Became the Star

Raul Meireles was seen with other stars at the opening of the new hair clinic of Cristiano Ronaldo. Meireles was wearing an attractive and eye-catching jacket in a black and white stripe in the event. The other players he joined were Rio Ferdinand, Robert Pires, and Jose Bosingwa.

Recently, Ronaldo received rose bouquet as the gift of Father’s Day. Raul Meireles was point of attraction but he ended any hopes of starting a career in fashion because he was seen wearing an extremely oversized jacket with black and white strips at the opening of new hair transplant clinic of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The former midfielder of Chelsea, who took the retirement from football in the year 2016 stays at Fenerbahce after a four-year came in the event wearing an extremely striped jacket and posed for a picture in the same. The picture was shared on Instagram later by Ronaldo. The picture was posted with the caption ‘team’ and had Juventus along with son and Cristiano Jr.

His jacket was Zebra inspired and the jacket was stretched till his knees and its sleeves were extended over his hands. This was the Meireles who dressed up this way; the other players in the event were dressed modestly. Meireles, who is not 35-years-old, was with Jose Bosingwa, the former team-mate of Chelsea Pires, Fernando Hierro, the legend of Spain and Real Madrid and Bruno Alves, the Parma center-back.

Ronaldo started the hair transplant company, and its name is ‘Inspira’ that translates into ‘inspire’ in English. It has 10 centers all over Portugal. The city, Lisbon, Algarve and Porto have this center. The attendees of the event were all stars of football this clinic is first of its type outside of Portugal and also it is owned by Ronaldo.

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