Recently there was quite a lot of allegation thrown forth at the Chelsea boss Andre Villas Boas due to unrest within the Chelsea camp.

However amidst all this confusion, Jose Bosingwa made sure that he had shown his support and backed up his fellow Portuguese boss to change the entire scenario and ensure that the other players did not have any problems with Andre.

He made an effort to look into the problems and make sure that they got sorted out so that there were no unsorted issues which might spark up another fight among the team members. The entire issue had started due to the poor performance of Chelsea. They still lag behind Manchester City by 12 points. These were some of the major issues kept in mind before the problem initiated.

These problems have gone to the next level and the entire atmosphere in the dressing room has been affected. The only solution to this is trying to re launch the season and make sure that a fresh start will ensure overcoming all the recent shortcomings. Jose Bosingwa has been of tremendous help trying to support Andre Villas Boas and making sure that the team comes back in unison.

Having a common goal in mind and playing as a team is very essential to bring about any form of development to the mindset of players and in turn to the game as a whole. Jose Bosingwa has truly understood this and has supported his team for the better good in the future. Let’s hope that these issues are sorted out for good and Chelsea manages to better their performance in the matches to come and in turn rise up the point’s board of the premiership.