Jose Bosingwa Masterminds 2012 Win Of Chelsea

The Champions League win that has occurred shows that Jose Bosingwa was the main player to have made the win.

He had played as a center back at the Nou Camp. Didier Drogba made the revelation that Jose was the main reason behind the win.

It’s no wonder then that Jose held up the trophy when the finals came and Chelsea became the winner. Jose was the defender in the 2012 game that brought the team their victory. Being of Portuguese origin, he had played a vital role in the second leg of the semifinal game where the team played against Barcelona. All this and more has been revealed by Drogba, who is writing Jose’s autobiography.

At Nou Camp there was one more goal to be won and forty five minutes of play were left. At such a time Jose had played a critical role. These details are revealed in Bosingwa’s autobiography called Commitment. It was released this week.

The autobiography reveals how Jose had insisted on playing the center back position which brought the win. Bosingwa had agreed to play left back or striker as would be necessary in the critical position of the game.

Jose being considered for his autobiography might be a great pleasure to his fans that will get to know little known truths about his performances on the field. He is fondly known as the Ivorian striker. He has won four titles in the Premier League. Along with that several trophies during his two tenures with the club, the 2012 final was iconic and Jose helped the team win with a decision making penalty. The home stadium and the home team were thus shocked in the finals by Chelsea’s win. All these details can be found in Jose’s autobiography. If you wish to get hold of it, you can book it now.