Jose Bosingwa makes a return to Trabzonspor

Jose Bosingwa originally joined Trabzonspor back on July of 2013 as he penned a 3 year long contract with the Turkish club and he went on to make over 50 appearances in 2 seasons but his time with Trabzonspor ended sooner than expected as Bosingwa left the club on November of 2015 after not being paid in wages.

Even though Bosingwa appeared to have made his way out of Trabzonspor in bad terms after claiming that he wasn’t paid his salary, it seems like the veteran defender still has a close relationship with the club as he made his return to the Turkish club in a transfer that was completed during the January transfer window, only 2 months after Bosingwa had left Trabzsonspor.

Injuries is something that has consistently affected Jose Bosingwa’s playing time as the Portuguese defender has had to miss out from a significantly large amount of matches but he has still managed to become one of the most influential and successful defenders in modern football.

Champions League, Premier League, PrimeiraLiga and FA Cup are a few of the major titles and competitions that Jose Bosingwa has claimed throughout his playing career and at the age of 33, he still wants to continue adding more pieces of silverware to his collection and this is what Bosingwa is planning to do after deciding to make a return to Trabzsonspor and signing a one year deal with the Turkish outfit.

When his time with Trabzonspor reaches its end, Jose Bosingwa has to make the decision to either hang up his boots or continue performing. John Terry, PetrCech, BranislavIvanovic and Jose Bosingwa are some of the players who used to play for Chelsea or still perform with the Premier League and have been a key figure for the club but all of them are reaching an age where it’s time to start considering what to do as retirement is looming.