Bosingwa was decisive in final

Didier Drogba has revealed that Bosingwa was an important piece of the puzzle that allows Chelsea to win the Champions League final.

He said that the Portuguese defender was determined to win the game and was ready to play in any position in order to help the team.

Chelsea was down to ten men in the Champions League semi-final when John Terry was sent off for fouling Alexis Sanchez.

Chelsea was winning on aggregate but could not afford to concede another goal against Barcelona. He said that all the players were determined and focused on winning the game and were ready to do whatever it takes in order to qualify for the final.

He said that the team was facing problems at the back through injuries and things became worse when John Terry was sent off.

Drogba said that the manager was looking for ways to help the team at the back and was thinking of playing BranislavIvanovic at the back. However, Jose Bosingwa stepped up and said that he was going to play at center back. He did not stop there and continued to give the other players instructions on where they should be playing. This lifted the atmosphere in the dressing room and allowed the team to fight in the second half.

Didier Drogba remembered that the whole team was determined to win the game and that he was ready to play both striker and left-back during the game. He said that they were all inspired by Bosingwa and wanted to fight for the team. It is only in the final stage of the game that Torres managed to score a goal that made their qualification secured.

The former Chelsea striker said that winning the Champions League final was the best moment of his career and that he is going to cherish these memories for the rest of his life.