Bosingwa on Chelsea

Former Chelsea defender Jose Bosingwa believes that the London side has a genuine chance of winning the Premier League title this season.

He said that they have made a strong recovery after their poor start to the season and that they are now on a good winning streak.

He said that Antonio Conte has managed to give confidence back to players such as Eden Hazard and Diego Costa and that they are now performing to their best level again.

He said that the previous campaign was a disaster under Jose Mourinho and that Conte has managed to bring changes back to the team.

Jose Bosingwa believes that the London side has the necessary players to challenge for the title and that he does not see any team that can challenge Chelsea for the title. He believes that clubs such as Manchester United and Liverpool are suffering because they are under new management and that Chelsea has the better chance of winning the title.

He said that both Tottenham Hotspurs and Arsenal are the closest challengers for Chelsea, but they are not consistent at the moment.

Jose Bosingwa believes that if Antonio Conte could keep his players fit, then they have a big chance of winning the title this season. He said that the team is also benefiting from the fact that they are not participating in European competition and this is giving them plenty of time to focus on Premier League matches.

Jose Bosingwa said that he has enjoyed his time playing for Chelsea and that he has developed a close bond with the team. He stated that he still follows Chelsea’s matches on television whenever he has some free time and that he will be happy if the team could win the Premier League again this season.